Discovering corporate innovation — the workflow
We generate ideas, organize workshops, build prototypes, test them with users, and then we build cloud-based products the Agile way.
Ideation towards digital transformation
It all starts with your ideas for innovations. We come up with thoughts, map out information and value streams to identify bottlenecks and pain points. Then, we list out the most burning problems and help you to discover potential solutions to those problems. Together we choose the best and the most promising ones for us to work on. We evaluate each of them using various criteria to identify the ones worth developing.
Product strategy & design workshop
The ideas developed above will now be adjusted to your needs. We combine Design Sprint and Design Thinking methodologies to better address them. We will clarify the vision of the business case and the product’s value proposition. Then we’ll move on to low-fidelity prototyping. Finally, we test the prototype with its users and refine the concept.
User experience & user interface design
Once the concept is proven, we create a high-fidelity prototype based on the dedicated UX design. Our designers refine the wireframes and translate the rest of the user stories into a visual interface. We follow our design principles: adopting a user-first approach, thinking about future performance, focusing on user-friendliness and rocking the house with visuals. After feedback rounds, we create a style guide and fully designed clickable prototypes.
Proof of concept development
With high-resolution mock-ups in hand, we move to code your application. At this stage, we create a fully functional version of the product according to the previously agreed requirements and prototypes. We use Agile and TDD (test-driven development) approaches during the development process. Cloud hosting keeps the product stable and ensures scalability.
Client input & feedback
Everyone has a role to play to ensure the success of the project. As sprints come to a close, your feedback and ideas are critical. With these, we can adapt your application to any changes in business rules and customer input. We communicate frequently during our scrums, but typically schedule meetings at the end of each sprint. This provides a medium to discuss our progress, review feedback and adjust the scope as necessary.
App launch
When everything has been implemented and tested, it`s time to release the product. We first launch the staging version for your final approval, then we make the application available to your customers or employees. “Shipping" is an exciting and demanding endeavor — we`ll be there to support you the whole way through. We can further support you by fine-tuning the application to more effectively engage a new audience.
Product market fit
If the product is made not for internal use but for the market, it needs to pass one final test — market validation. We’ll help you choose the right success metrics and create a playbook to help you exploit user feedback for the benefit of your product. We will set up proper analytics and help you prepare a launch strategy to increase the chance of success, and support you in building a feedback-driven development roadmap.
Further development
All the steps we took before led us to this moment — proper, continuous development of the app that has its place on the market. Building the proof of concept was the first step of a long journey. Once we know that there’s a need for our solution (either on the market or inside the organization), we focus on product development with everything we got. The goal is to make the solution ultimate — the best of its kind, solving all identified problems, easy and fun to use, full of useful features. One app to rule them all.
Integration & maintenance
If needed, we can integrate the solution with your existing systems while maintaining all the needed security requirements. After the application has been successfully launched, it needs to be maintained. Technologies get outdated, hardware requires troubleshooting, security threats need to be mitigated and your solution has to be ready to meet users’ changing needs and face corner cases such as huge numbers of users accessing the application at the same time.

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